Strategy First Ltd Oy is a strategic advisory and consulting firm providing services to investors, industry players, private equity firms, hedge funds and suppliers related to Pulp, Paper, Packaging and Wood products industries worldwide.

Strategy First is an independent choice from the mainline advisors, representing industry specific knowledge based on extensive hands-on experience from Mill operations to Corporate management in several countries.

Strategy First Ltd Oy



We offer the following services tailored for your needs:

M&A advisory


  • industry specific, strategic advice on an investment, divestment, restructuring and financing
  • seller-side advisory—search for a buyer for your business
  • buyer-side advisory—search for an acquisition target with best fit
  • technical and operational due diligence
  • advice on industry consolidation and antitrust matters

Strategic market evaluation


  • insights and analysis on industry trends, market dynamics, and relevant competitive landscape
  • product area specific market intelligence and analysis
  • benchmarking of top performers in financial performance, cost competitiveness and sustainability
  • subject matter expert in antitrust litigations and anti-dumping cases

Turnaround management


  • streamlining of product portfolio and production
  • strategic transformation, like e.g. converting from graphic paper to packaging grades
  • profit and productivity improvement program for paper mills
  • design for sustainable operations; reduction of energy consumption, raw materials loss, water usage and CO₂ emissions
  • senior-level interim management

We at Strategy First are well-prepared to help you. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with your specific needs.

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